Alex Domnitch


About me

I am an enthusiastic filmmaker based in Orlando, Florida with 4 years of filming and editing experience.

I create some awesome stuff

With 4 years in film, I’ve learned many techniques to help me become a better filmmaker. Everything from skits, to short films, to documentary type projects and beyond, I’m a very versatile and love to be behind the camera.

A majority of my time was spent working on segments for my schools news. Recently after getting to college, I’ve had time to write scripts and have already shot a couple of short films. Applying what I learn to what you see on the screen is becoming a big part of what I do. I’m always ready to learn more skills and show off the ones I already have

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What I do

From understanding your ideas in pre-production to translating them in post, I do everything that falls in between.


Where would film be without a good script behind it? It’s a crucial step in the filmmaking process and I’m definitely full of creative ideas to help you.


If you’re looking for someone who’s great with a gimbal or a lighting fanatic, then look no further.


I can help you with everything from color grading, to novice VFX which will make your content stand out.

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